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Source Code

Sommelier’s Corner – this individual project involved the MERN stack. I designed and developed the user interface, API, and Mongo database set-up. I managed to complete the first iteration of this project from start to finish in ten days.

Brief Introduction

Every programmer needs a moment to just take their eyes off the screen, lean back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

My simple application allows users to create a wine preference profile and search recommended wines based on the grape variety they like. Users can add the wines to their cellar and save them to their profile. As a subsequent iteration, I would like to display the profile with the saved wine list and add more functionalities, like modifying, adding, and removing the wines; searching recommendations based on criteria; and pairing wines with different cuisines.

The application is very straightforward and requires no tutorial at all as it is basically self-explanatory. Just fill out the form, submit it, and your profile will be displayed. Then, you can select a grape variety from the dropdown menu and the application will list 4 recommended wines. You can add the wines to your cellar and once you have decided on your wine list, you can save it to your profile.