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Skincare Website

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The skincare industry is a lucrative business, commanding significant margins on products and services. Our team wanted to be a part of the hottest trends in Beauty Tech. We knew the POC was self-evident, and it was just a matter of time that an app like this will gain traction.

I was responsible for coding the home, features, authentication, login, registration, and profile setting pages. I also helped code the navigation and animation effects. The project timeline was 12 weeks, but actual development commenced in the 5th week when designers handed off their mock-ups to us. Overall, the developers worked very well together, as we made sure to communicate and ensure our repository was maintained systematically.

My Wonderful Team

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Wines Website


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Sommelier’s Corner – this individual project involved the MERN stack. I designed and developed the user interface, API, and Mongo database set-up. I managed to complete the first iteration of this project from start to finish in ten days.

Brief Introduction

Every programmer needs a moment to just take their eyes off the screen, lean back, relax, and enjoy a nice glass of wine.

My simple application allows users to create a wine preference profile and search recommended wines based on the grape variety they like. Users can add the wines to their cellar and save them to their profile. As a subsequent iteration, I would like to display the profile with the saved wine list and add more functionalities, like modifying, adding, and removing the wines; searching recommendations based on criteria; and pairing wines with different cuisines.

The application is very straightforward and requires no tutorial at all as it is basically self-explanatory. Just fill out the form, submit it, and your profile will be displayed. Then, you can select a grape variety from the dropdown menu and the application will list 4 recommended wines. You can add the wines to your cellar and once you have decided on your wine list, you can save it to your profile.

Parking App

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In this last and final project of the WMDD program, my teammates and I followed our ambitions and created a MVP in just 10 weeks, integrating multiple features like Geolocation search, Live Chat, Photo taking and Gallery, and AI-enabled license recognition scan. It is the culmination of all the skills we have acquired since the beginning of the program.

I took on the tasks of integrating the photo taking, gallery, and license recognition scan as part of the car registration process, making use of Expo and AI-enabled APIs. I stored the temporary license snapshots in AWS S3, and called the license recognition API to scan the photos, automatically populating the field with the license plate number. We are the only capstone project to make use of AI/Machine Learning tech that is available through RapidAPI provider. I also contributed to other aspects of the application, including the reservation flow, onboarding, and notifications.

Please take a moment to read through our Project Proposal: