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Gifting App

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I was the project manager and developer on this team consisting of 4 designers and 3 other developers. The project timeline was 10-12 weeks. I coded the authentication, login, and adding friends & events section. I also integrated the imageCapture and Geolocation web API functionalities. In the above video, I describe the application in more detail and my experience as a developer and a project manager.

My Wonderful Team

Please take a moment to read through our Project Proposal:

Movie Apps

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I wanted to create a nostalgic, cinematic experience by displaying the flashing “Now Showing” signage and classic theatre red curtains while playing Sinatra on the radio. The list of movies displayed on the website are productions of the past, few decades up to the present time. The movie poster images, titles, descriptions, and ratings were retrieved from IMDb API, https://developer.imdb.com/. Go ahead, grab a bag of buttery popcorn and enjoy! Don’t forget to purchase the “Langara Rocks!” Tee.

React Native Movie App

Source Code

I created this movie app using React Native and NativeBase. It’s a simple application that has 2 tabs listing out different categories of Movies and TV Shows. It also has a search function to find productions by title and type.